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Antenna Installation

Antenna Installation

Replace your old antenna with a smaller, stronger, Australian made antenna.

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tv signalWe use the latest in diagnostic and terrestrial digital testers and signal analysers, to solve your digital reception issues.


tvinstallWe provide the highest quality service when it comes to digital antenna / aerial installation, home theatres and TV wall mounting.


supportAntenna Melbourne always guarantees same day call back and within 8hrs home visit response times. We cover all metro areas

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Many aerials / antennas are mass produced using standard screws, rivets and plastic to support the elements. Those Yagi type antennas will rust quickly and the plastic will brake within a short period.

Antenna Melbourne offers Digital Aerials / Antennas with no exposed screws or plastic support. They will not rust, or brake like the conventional type antennas . Our aerials / antennas are uniquely designed- light and compact. They are pure digital, simply built and very easy to install as they do not require any assembling.

Our Log Periodic types of aerials / antennas unlike to many other imported are made from a state of the art alloy, accompanied with an attractive shine finish which contain rust inhibitor .They are manufactured in Melbourne and are recommended for all types of Installation. Be assure to get our Best product -The only Log Periodic Antenna made in Australia

Quality Assurance

We at Antenna Melbourne have a current Endorsement that covers Domestic, Commercial and Satellite. We set our standards higher than those unendorsed, and those with limited testing equipment and industry digital knowledge. The testing process is clear with the equipment to the client, they can clearly see the test process, with minimum values clear on the equipment screen representing a 'pass' or 'fail.' They can rest assured that there will be no unnecessary repeat visits once rectified.


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